viernes, 22 de julio de 2016

5 favourite links and ideas of the week -- We love Fridays

1. Michelle Obama and Ophra sat down at the United State of Women Summit, every single word said is interesting. 
Certainly a nice listening

2. Try this healthy recipy, we've tried it too and we loved it

- 2 big potatos
- 3 eggs
- smoked salmon
- chive
- arugula

Boil the potatos until they're soft enough to smash them with a fork and mix them with chopped chive and a pinch of salt. Form a hamburguer with it and fry it with a bit of olive oil. Use this as the first layer.
Put on top the 3 eggs previously cooked scrambled and some salmon slices on top of this. Finally spread some arugula leaves... And enjoy 

3. I love fountain pens and I recently found this "Fountain pens introduction"  at Wroman's bookstore website which I found interesting. Of course I know how fountain pens work but, I don't know, I like how this "how to" guide looked and how easy it explained how to keep it clean and properly used it.

4. A travel instagrammer to follow @anneparavion

5. I've been listening to The moth podcast, a place where people express and talk freely

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